Hello, my name is Marcie Barnes.
I am a User Experience Designer.

Visual Design


Research & Testing

I am an extremely creative professional both in the traditional sense of the word as well as in my ability to solve complex problems and to organize.

"Marcie produces quality work. Marcie quickly gained an understanding of a complex technical system at Herrmann...she created a streamlined document with graphics for efficient reviews by other staff and vendor candidates. She evaluated new ideas, submitted, researched issues and provided professional guidance that pushed the team forward." - Cheryl Redenbacher, SPHR

"At all times I have found Marcie to be dependable, hardworking, conscientious, honest, and courteous. I am happy to recommend her for any position she deems a good fit for her abilities." - Tim Ferriss, bestselling author

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Dashboard Concept for teamwork site

Homepage Wireframe for Guitar Brand

Concept for Community Profile Blog

Economics Game For college Students

Wireframe for Lending Homepage

Sales Dashboard For Internal Site

Startup Home Page Design

Startup Log In Page Design

Responsive/Tablet design for Homepage

Home Screen Concepts for iPhone

New Style, Interface and Platform for WebAssign Features

Webassign UX Style Guide

Support fold out design for education application

Marketing Website for Medical Client

Financial Mobile App

Case Studies.


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haveoneon.me haveoneon.me
DataNet DataNet
I live in the beautiful state of North Carolina.
I specialize in education, financial, HR, legal, and startup technology software design.